The Academy Awards

Each edition since 2017, we notice the exceptional course of two students. In order to thank and congratulate them, we offer them the chance to come back and participate at the Academy the following year, alone or with their ensemble project.

The 2018 laureates

Estreilla Besson - Conducting

Born in 1994, Estreilla Besson has been immersed since birth in a poetic, philosophical and musical universe.
She learns piano at the age of 5, through both classical and jazz universe. She’s following a jazz formation at the Center of Music Didier Lockwood from 2011 to 2013. She studies with Benoit Sourrisse, André Charlier, Didier Lockwood, Bojan Z … In 2015, she obtains her DEM of classical piano with jury congratulations at the CRR in Paris, in the class of Célimène Daudet and with Christian Rivet in chamber music and then in improvement with Rena Shereshevskaya at CRR Rueil-Malmaison.
She is currently studying conducting at the Conservatoire d’Aulnay-sous-Bois with Julien Guenebaut and conducting choir at the 18th Conservatoire with Ariel Alonso.
In particular, she explores the repertoire of the 20th and 21st centuries, which leads her to take part in the Linea Academy’s 2018 in conducting class with Leo Warynski. She receives the “Academy Award”.
Between 2013 and 2016, she founded ” Estreilla Quartet ” with Eric-Maria Couturier on cello (Ensemble Intercontemporain), Nicolas Crosse on double bass (EIC) and Rémi Vignolo on drums. A formation that mix her personal compositions with improvisation.
She is part of the contemporary music ensemble of the international Ensemble Écoute directed by Fernando Palomeque and Alex Nante, and Andrea Romani’s alonisma 5tet (flute / ney) in Istanbul with Izzet Kizil (percussion), Tamer Temel (sax) and Apostolos Sideris (double bass) whose first album was released in 2017.
She plays duet with percussionist Izzet Kizil and trumpet player Erik Truffaz.
She is currently developing the ”Lighting Awakes” project that combines various forms of expression: music, dance, poetry, painting, improvisation.
This group consists of mezzo-soprano Victoria Shereshevskaya, Quentin Coppalle on flute, Polina Streltsova on cello, Seddam Novruzbeyov on clarinets, duduk and painting, a dancer and herself on composition, piano and direction.
In August 2015, her first contemporary piece for cello alone, ”the soul of wood” was performed by Eric-Maria Couturier (Ensembe Intercontemporain) as part of the festival ”Music in Brionnais”.
She composes “Everywhere except there”, piece for cello alone commissioned by the French Cello Association in the competition of young cellists 2016.
Happened by Balkan music and more particularly Turkish, she visits them through her voice, plays with musicians from these cultures, and explores their sounds in her compositions.

Estreilla Besson is invited to participate to the Linea Academy 2019.

Salomé Saurel - Violin

Born April 4, 1999 in Morlaix, Salomé Saurel started to learn violin at the age of 6. She enters the conservatory of Strasbourg in 2008 in the class of Ana Reverdito Haas. She participates in several masterclasses including those of Marina Chiche, Didier Lockwood, Alexis Galperine or Amiram Ganz. She obtained her DEM in May 2016 and then joined the High School of the Rhine Arts in September 2017 in the class of Ana Haas and Hedy Kerpitchian. During her studies she has the opportunity to join several orchestral and chamber projects. She develops a real interest for the string quartet that she will have the opportunity to study with Denis Dercourt teachers, Thomas Gauthier, Samika Hounda, Benjamin Boura. In September 2018 she played in the young talent concerts of the Musica festival after having participated in the Linea Ensemble’s Summer Academy of Contemporary Music.

Salomé Saurel is invited to participate to the Linea Academy 2019.

The 2017 laureates

Francisco Marti - Piano

Invited ensemble : Innocu Trio

Francisco Marti has participated in the last 3 editions of the Linea Academy in piano class. We were pleased to invite him at the 2018 Academy with his new project, the Innocu Trio.
Originally, there’s the Susu & Franky piano-saxophone duo. Revisiting the contemporary classical repertoire for saxophone, they decided to join drummer Pere Moll to form a trio seeking to open styles and break borders between jazz and contemporary music.
Many pieces in contemporary saxophone repertoire evoke jazz, with the use of scales, walking bass and unrestrained rhythms even flirting with free jazz. With a great freedom, the Innocu trio seeks to mix these different styles with original arrangements creating inventive sounds and new musical horizons. The result is a fusion between these two repertoires that won’t let listeners indifferent.

Kalle Hakosalo - Percussions

Kalle Hakosalo is a Finnish percussionist studying at the Royal Danish Academy of Music with prof. Gert Mortensen. Specializing in contemporary music, Kalle frequently gives concerts in Finland an abroad : as a soloist, with ensembles and with different chamber music settings. He’s also a keen collaborator with composers. He’s participated in master classes with Philippe Spiesser, Nebojsa Zivkovic, Chris Lamb, Isao Nakamura and Theodor Milkov.

Kalle Hakosalo is invited to participate to the Linea Academy 2019.