Season 14/15


Sunday 29 March 2015, Archipel Festival, Geneva
Monday 18 and Tuesday 19 May 2015, Opéra Comique, Paris


Chamber opera composed by Xavier Dayer based on a libretto by Alain Perroux, itself inspired by a Kenji Mizoguchi film (1953). Premiered on 20 March 2015 at the Opera of Rouen (Haute-Normandie).

Inspired by the eponymous film by the great Japanese filmmaker Kenji Mizoguchi, Ugetsu (Fr: Les contes de la lune vague après la pluie) explores human vanity in a tragic and moral fable tinged with fantasy, where the main characters are mere puppets of their ambitions, weaknesses and impulses. Playing with the musical and scenic narrative devices, the composer Xavier Dayer, librettist Alain Perroux and director Vincent Huguet innovate with the conception to bring the characters alive and underscore the inevitable and disastrous fatality of the hunger for fame and fortune.

A parable of immense universal value that holds up a mirror to modern society as most contemporary music, this production also allowed Ensemble Linea to revisit its long-standing interest in Japanese culture.

Produced by: Opera of Rouen Haute-Normandie / Co-produced by: Royaumont Foundation, Opéra Comique


Music director: Jean-Philippe Wurtz

Director: Vincent Huguet

Stage design: Richard Peduzzi

Chorus director: Alphonse Cemin/Philippe Hattat

Taeill Kim/Benjamin Mayenobe: Genjuro (baritone)
Majdouline Zerari: Miyagi (mezzo-soprano)
Carlos Natale: Tobe (tenor)
Judith Fa: Ohama (soprano)
Luanda Siqueira: Lady Wakasa (soprano)
David Tricou: Boatsman, Armorer, Shop Owner, Nurse, Soldier, Priest.
Louis and Lucas Bischoff: Genichi (the child)

Orchestra: Keiko Murakami Flute, Heidi Caillet Oboe, Andrea Nagy Clarinet, Samuel Stoll Horn, Thierry Spiesser Trombone, Laszlo Hudacsek Percussion, Marco Fusi Violin, Johannes Burghoff Cello, Jeremy Lirola/Nicolas Crosse Double bass

The thousand years of the strasbourg cathedral

Saturday 23 May 2015, Strasbourg Cathedral


To celebrate the thousand years of the Strasbourg cathedral, 28 musicians from the Conservatory of Strasbourg and the Haute école des Arts du Rhin joined Ensemble Linea in presenting the works of two young composers: Aurélien Maestracci and Benoît Soldaise. Verticales rouges, a new work for organ, ensemble and reciter (Marianne Denicourt) by Frédéric Durieux, was performed alongside Et Exspecto Resurrectionem Mortuorum, a work for cathedrals by Messiaen. This vast and ambitious project fulfilled a dual celebratory and pedagogical purpose. On the one hand, some of the works played were written by students of composition, on the other, half of the 47 performers were students of the music conservatory of Strasbourg, providing them the opportunity to gain real-world exposure by performing with the Ensemble in a concert setting.


Frédéric Durieux, Verticales Rouges, (world premiere 2015) (30’)

Benoît Soldaise, Cathédrales d’acier (world premiere 2015)

Aurélien Maestracci, Sketches in Color, (world premiere 2015)

Olivier Messiaen, Et Exspecto Resurrection em Mortuorum, 1964 (35’)


Jean-Philippe Wurtz: Conductor
Vincent Dubois: Organ
Marianne Denicourt: Reciter

With the participation of students from the Strasbourg music conservatory and the Haute École des Arts du Rhin

Keiko Murakami Flute, Heidi Caillet Oboe, Andrea Nagy Clarinet, Adam Starkie Clarinet, Antoine Pecqueur Bassoon, Samuel Stoll Horn, Frédéric Schiel Trumpet, Thierry Spiesser Trombone, Olivier Maurel Percussion, Lazslo Hudacsek Percussion, Reto Staub Piano, Geneviève Létang Harp, Marco Fusi Violin, Guillaume Faraut Violin, Elodie Gaudet Viola, Johannes Burghoff Cello, Jeremy Lirola Double bass.

Remusik, international festival of contemporary music

Monday 25 and Tuesday 26 May 2015, Marinsky Theater, Saint Petersburg

Ensemble Linea was invited by the ReMusik Festival of St. Petersburg, iconic cultural capital of Russia, for a concert as well as a series of workshops.


Pierre Boulez, Anthèmes 1, Solo violin, 1991 (10’)

Gérard Grisey, Talea, Flute, Clarinet, Piano, Violin and Cello, 1986 (15’)

Tristan Murail,Treize couleurs du soleil couchant, Flute, Clarinet, Piano, Violin and Cello, 1978 (12’)

Alexander Radvilovich, Shoa, Clarinet, Flute, Piano, Violin, Viola and Cello, 2015 (10’)

Franck Bdrossian, L’usage de la parole, Clarinet, Cello and Piano, 1999 (7’)

Raphaël Cendo, Rokh 1, Flute, Violin, Cello and Piano, 2011-12 (33’)


Jean-Philippe Wurtz Conductor, Keiko Murakami Flute, Andrea Nagy Clarinet, Reto Staub Piano, Marco Fusi Violin, Johannes Burghoff Cello, Viola.

Festival saxopen

Saturday 11 July 2015, Cité de la Musique, Strasbourg


For the 7th edition of the Saxopen music festival, Proxima Centauri joined Ensemble Linea to premiere 8 pieces combining the saxophone with an instrumental ensemble.


Kenji Sakai, Photons, (Soloist: Oishi Masanori, soprano and alto saxophone)

José Manuel Lopez-Lopez, Sonidos Azules, (Soloist: Andres Gomis, bass saxophone)

Alex Mincek, Pneuma, (Soloist: Ibrahim Michael, tenor saxophone)

Nicolas Tzortis, My Conditions Exempts Me (Soloist: Vincent Daoud, tenor saxophone)

Bernhard Lang, DW24 (Soloist: alto saxophone)

Kevin Juillerat, Monk, (Soloists: alto and tenor saxophones)

Jummei Suzuki, Wolfie Edo, (Soloist: alto saxophone)

Rodrigo Lima, Antiphons, (Soloist: alto saxophone)


Artistic direction: Marie-Bernadette Charrier and Jean-Philippe Wurtz

Director:  Guillaume Bourgogne

Ensemble Linea: Samuel Stoll Horn, Jens Brachet Trumpet, Thierry Spiesser Trombone, Marco Fusi Violin, Haerim Elizabeth Lee Violin, Antoine Spindler Viola, Johannes Burghoff Cello, Sven Kestel Double bass.

Proxima Centauri: Marie-Bernadette Charrier Saxophone, Christophe Havel Electroacoustics, Sylvain Millepied Flute, Clément Fauconnet Percussion, Hilomi Sakaguchi Piano.

SEASON 14/15