Ensemble Linea plays music by Raphaël Cendo

Executive production by the Empreinte digitale label. Record co-produced by Ensemble Linea.

Upcoming release: Spring 2019

“Stillness” – Ensemble Linea plays music by Aurélien Dumont

Label: Odradek
Release: January 26th, 2018

Ivo Malec – Œuvres pour orchestre et formations de chamber (Works for orchestra and chamber ensembles)

Double CD
Publisher: Motus
Distributor: France Abeille Musique
Release year: 1999

Awarded the Diapason d’or prize in 2001

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Ensemble Linea plays Eötvös

Publisher: Budapest Music Center Records
Distributor: France Abeille Musique

Awarded the Fonogram prize for Best Contemporary Music Album at the Hungarian Music Awards in 2011
Awarded the Orphée d’Or by the Académie Internationale du Disque Lyrique (Lyric Recordings Academy) in 2011

Buy the record - AMAZON - 15.99$