A week under the sign of excellence

L’Ensemble Linea

Performing or conducting new music requires specific training and skills that “traditional” schooling generally does not cover. For that reason and due to a growing demand from young performers, the Ensemble Linea has organised its own summer academy, in its beautiful hometown Strasbourg (eastern France).

Linea’s Academy is open to all music students, to performers at the beginning of their career, wishing to learn or to improve their knowledge of new music, and also to those who have never played such repertoire. The only important thing is motivation.

The 2018 edition of the academy takes place from 27 august to 02 September

Focus on chamber and ensemble music

Every day, alongside individual courses, each student participates in chamber music workshops where he/she is put in the real concert conditions, playing together with other students and Linea’s musicians, or conducting them. These ensemble workshops are at the very heart of Linea’s teaching method, contributing to the students’ progress.

Every year, the academy ends with a series of concerts featuring the “Academy Ensemble”.

Programme of the ensemble workshops is rich, and it includes works by some of the most representative new music composers, like Arnold Schoenberg, Pierre Boulez, Franco Donatoni or Peter Eötvös.

A large offer of classes for a high level schooling

Linea’s summer Academy covers a wide range of instruments and practices, including those which are scarcely addressed in contemporary music masterclasses.

In 2017, Linea’s Academy offers classes of flute, trumpet, clarinet, violin, cello, piano, percussions, singing, chamber music. A conducting masterclass is also an important feature of the Academy.

Our teachers, most of them members of the Ensemble Linea, have a long pedagogical experience, and master all techniques and skills required in new music, thus offering high level courses and masterclasses.

A pleasant and professional space for work, in the very heart of Europe

Ideally located in Strasbourg, at the crossroads of Europe, the Academy takes place in the “Cité de la Musique et de la Danse”, close to the historical center listed as World Heritage by UNESCO, and close to the very heart of the city (restaurants, pubs, shops …). The “Cité de la Musique et de la Danse”, with its studios, rehearsal rooms and an auditorium, offers perfect conditions to learn and practice music. In addition to the participation in classes and ensemble workshops, participants can book practice studios for free to work on their repertoire.

Intensive work in a friendly and international atmosphere

Linea’s academy gathers students and teachers from all over the world. Daily life at the academy is made of intensive and exciting work in a friendly, multicultural and highly stimulating atmosphere. The well-being of students is essential for us. That’s why the whole Linea team is at your disposal throughout the week to help you. In 2018, be part of it, join us !

Instrumental classes

Teacher : Léo Warynski

Teacher : Alain Billard

Teacher : Keiko Murakami

Teacher : Philippe Koerper

Teacher : Antoine Maisonhaute

Teacher : Hélène Colombotti

Teacher : Françoise Kubler

Teacher : Geneviève Létang

Teacher : Reto Staub

Teacher : Marie-Andrée Joerger

Teacher : Johannes Burghoff

Teacher : Bertrand Chavarria-Aldrete

2018 Students

Mathilde ARMENGAUD Harp (FRA)
Thibaut BENOIT Direction (FRA)
Estreilla BESSON Direction (FRA)
Giordano BRUNO DO NASCIMENTO Direction (BRA)
Clément CARPENTIER Direction (FRA)
Brendan CHAMPEAUX Clarinet (FRA)
Clément CHARLON, Percussions (FRA)
Coline CHARNIER Flute (FRA)
Hy-Khang DANG Saxophon (LUX)
Hugo DEGORRE Accordion (FRA)
Nadja DORNIK Harp (SRB)
Manca DORNIK Accordion (SVN)
Marylou FENÉ Violin (FRA)
Mauricio GALEANO Guitar (URY)
Mélaine GAUDIN Percussions (FRA)
Kalle HAKOSALO Percussions (FIN)

Angela Wai-Nok HUI Percussions (HKG)
David HURPEAU Direction (FRA)
Marin LAMBERT Percussions (FRA)
Céline LAVENAS Flute (FRA)
Othman LOUATI Direction (FRA)
Zachary SEELY Direction (USA)
Francisco MARTI Piano (ESP)
Maëlle MARTIN Harp (FRA)
Solène QUEYRAS Cello (FRA)
Naomi SANCHEZ Accordion (CHE-ESP)
Benedikt SAUER Direction (ALL)
Salomé SAUREL Violin (FRA)
Clara SIMARRO Harp (ALL)
Gabrielle VARBETIAN Singing (FRA)
Anne-Laure WAGNER Accordion (FRA)