“Bringing music to life: that is the motto of this exciting orchestral ensemble that isn’t afraid of bringing theater to their stage or playing contemporary music.”, 13 May 2015


 “As performed by the Alsace, France-based Ensemble Linea, the set was characterized by a particularly unmitigated energy, in which the mixture of exuberance and skill made the composers’ respective intentions clear.”
New Music Box (USA), 3 July 2013


“The highlight of the evening was the instrumental ensemble Linea (…). These musicians from Strasbourg showed that contemporary music, despite its dissonance and acute sonorities, can make for a powerful sensory and emotional experience.”
Stuttgarter Nachrichten, 2 November 2012


“It was extremely well performed. [Ferneyhough] does demand extraordinary playing, and Ensemble Linea, they really are top performers”
BBC Radio 3 (United Kingdom), Program “Hear and now”, 10 December 2011


“Iridescent sonorities filled the intimate Rose Studio at Lincoln Center on Saturday night, when the Talea Ensemble of New York and Ensemble Linea, of Strasbourg, France, joined forces to present an excellent concert of works by French and American composers.”
The New York Times, 6 June 2011

“The American premiere of Quatre Variations composed by Brice Pauset (2007) (…) was the most impressive. This work can even be considered Linea’s calling card as the ensemble expertly navigates its breakneck rhythm and technical challenges moving from subtly choreographed ensemble pieces to brief solos with stunning flair.” (USA), 14 June 2011


“The French group, founded in 1997 by conductor Jean-Philippe Wurtz, has been a torchbearer for uncompromising modernism, championing contemporary lions like Péter Eötvös and Michael Jarrell, as well as lesser-known mavericks (Ivo Malec, Younghi PaghPaan) and newcomers. Its most recent CD, Ensemble Linea Plays Eötvös, has racked up substantial accolades in Europe.”
Time Out – New York, 27 May 2011


“At this ManiFeste festival, the Strasbourg-based ensemble Linea present a stunning concert of new compositions that transport the listener to three strikingly different sound universes […] under the restrained yet efficient direction of Jean-Philippe Wurtz, the Ensemble is simply exemplary.”
Michèle Tosi, Anaclase, 16 June 2016 (festival ManiFeste)


“Under the almost invisible yet superbly efficient direction of Jean-Philippe Wurtz, the musicians are impressive in their precision and immense devotion, never wavering in their efforts at delivering a concert that is profoundly dissonant.”
Christian Wolff, Dernières Nouvelles d’Alsace, 30 September 2016 (festival Musica)


“The MATA Festival runs through Sunday; tonight’s performance at 8 PM at National Sawdust features French group Ensemble Linea playing even more relevant, politically-charged works.”
New York Music Daily, 13 April 2016