Season 19/20

Georges Enescu Festival

Sunday, september 8th 2019 at 01:00 pm – Bucarest (RO)

In 2019, the Ensemble’s activity is developing in new directions. Romania is one of them, with its first participation in the remarkable Enescu festival in Bucarest, a real hub of classical and contemporary music, filled with numerous concerts and truly well organized. Linea plays his repertoire (Raphaël Cendo Corps, Francesco Filidei Finito Ogni Gesto, Alex Mincek Chamber Concerto) and a world premiere by Laurentiu Ganea for piano and ensemble (soloist: Daumants Liepins).

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Raphaël Cendo
Corps for piano and ensemble (2015) / 26’

Francesco Filidei
Finito Ogni Gestofor ensemble (2008) / 13’

Alex Mincek
Chamber Concert (2013), 18’

Laurențiu Ganea
Mirror and Theodicy


Jean-Philippe Wurtz Direction
Wilhem Latchoumia Solo Piano
Keiko Murakami Flute
Adam Starkie Clarinet
Andrea Nagy Clarinet
Heidi Braesch Caillet Oboe
Guillaume Bidar Bassoon
Julien Würtz Trompet
Thierry Spiesser Trombone
Deepa Goonetilleke Horn
Geneviève Letang Harp
Olivier Maurel Percussions
Victor Hocquet Percussions
Francisco Marti Piano
Antoine Maisonhaute Violon
Julien Moquet Violon
Laurent Camatte Alto
Johannes Burghoff Cello
Louis Siracusa Doublebass
Frédéric Durrmann Tour manager


Musica Festival 2019

Monday, September 30th at 8:30 pm – Salle de la Bourse, Strasbourg (FR)

From a chord repeated more than four thousand times, with imperceptible variations, emerges a striking tableau, an ironic synthesis of modern-day compositional techniques, from American groove to spectralism, both of which are dear to the piece’s composer Georg Friedrich Haas. The vitality of Austrian artistic creation is confirmed by two of his compatriots: Olga Neuwirth and Clemens Gadenstätter, both of whom incorporate space and visual arts into their approach – the latter with the use of lights played by musicians, creating a dialogue with an increasingly condensed musical material.

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Clemens Gadenstätter
Les Cris des lumières(2014) / 25′
French Premiere

Olga Neuwirth
Spazio elastico(2005) / 15’
French Premiere

Georg Friedrich Haas
Anachronism (2013) / 13’


Heidi Braesch Caillet Oboe
Adam Starkie Clarinet
Antoine Pecqueur  Bassoon
Deepa Goonetilleke Horn
Thierry Spiesser Trombone
Baptiste Berlaud Trompet
Salomé Saurel Violin
Johannes Burghoff Cello
Bertrand Chavarria-Aldrete Guitar
Reto Staub 
Victor Hocquet Percussions
Olivier Maurel Percussions
Louis Siracusa Doublebass


Estovest Festival – Le strade del suono

Saturday, October 05th at 5:30 pm – Ettore Fico Museum, Turin (IT)

A program imagined from suspension and balance and the delicate transition from immobility to movement. The Ensemble Linea performs for the first time in Turin in collaboration with the musicians of the NEXT-New Ensemble Xenia Turin. Oboe and harp will mix their colors with those of the string quartet in a program including the music of Japanese Yoshihisa Taïra, French Frédéric Durieux and Swiss Heinz Holliger. The winning piece of Edoardo Dadone’s composition contest EstOvest 2019, Quadernino d’estate will be created at this occasion. For harp and string quartet, it will present a rare juxtaposition of sounds creating a minimalist and imaginative atmosphere.
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Timothy Doyle
Quartetto d’archi n°1
World Premiere

Heinz Holliger
Mobile, 1962, Between 04′ et 12′

Frédéric Durieux
In der Lüften (2014) / 05”
Italian Premiere

Salvatore Sciarrino
L’addio a Trachis, 1980, 05″

Yoshihisa Taïra
Sublimation, 1971, 6″
Italian Premiere

Heinz Holliger
Trio per oboe, 2001, 17″

Edoardo Dadone
Quadernino d’estate, 2019
World Premiere


Heidi Braesch-Caillet, Oboe
Geneviève Létang Harp

NEXT-New Ensemble Xenia Turin
Adrian Pinzaru
Eilis Cranitch Violin
Enrico Carraro Viola
Claudio Pasceri Cello 

Brennweite (Focal Length)

Impuls Festival – Festival für neue musik sachsen – anhalt

Sunday, October 20th 2019 at 08:00 pm – Centre Chorégraphique, Strasbourg (FR)

This concert will present five world premieres around Bauhaus films.
A common project around the films of Kurt Kranz, Viking Eggeling, Kurt Schwerdtfeger, Rudolf Judes and Ella Bergmann-Michel.
In 2019, five young composers will create pieces from the short films of the Bauhaus from 1921 to 1930, as well as from the extract of the film Wahlkampf 1932 by Ella Bergmann-Michel.
The young ensemble Tempus Konnex Leipzig, directed by Jean-Philippe Wurtz, will present the results at the “BrennWeite” concert with members of Ensemble Linea.
A project under the patronage of Claudia Perren, Bauhaus Dessau.

Composers :
Ferdinand Heuberger (Germany)
Tamara Miller (Chile)
Mioko Yokoyama (Japan/Finnland)
Meiyan Chen (China)
Michele Foresi (Italy)

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Jean-Philippe Würtz Direction

Ieva Dudaite Piano
Helena Sousa Estevez Accordion
Victor Hocquet Percussions

and with the musician from the Tempus Konnexe Ensemble 

Planet Stockhausen

Tuesday, februar 11th at 10:00 am and 02:00 pm – Cité de la Musique et de la danse, Strasbourg (FR)

This program revisits the works of Karlheinz Stockhausen, shedding light on its quirky, playful and sometimes amusing aspects. The German composer was as fascinated by the cosmic and spiritual universe as he was by the creative potential of the imagination and of childhood. As such, he loved introducing unexpected, dreamlike or even funny aspects into his compositions. Starting with Tierkreis, based on the signs of the zodiac, moving to Flautina’s “flute-spirit”, and ending with In Freundschaft, performed in costume, this program is accessible to all audiences and presents the works of a composer whose breadth of imagination and playfulness are often underestimated.


Karlheinz Stockhausen
In Freundschaft, original version in costume, 1977 (15’)

Karlheinz Stockhausen
Flautina, 1989 (6’)

Karlheinz Stockhausen
Tierkreis, extracts, 1974-75 (26’)


Antoine Pecqueur Bassoon
Keiko Murakami Flute

New work by Aurélien Dumont in “Alla Breve”

From Monday March 02nd to Sunday March 8th – France Musique (FR)

From Monday to Friday, a new work, commissioned by Radio France to a composer of today, will be declined in the form of five fragments. From 02nd to 08th of march, listen to Aurelien Dumont’s new work interpreted by the Ensemble Linea.


(In progress)
For Accordion, Saxophone, Doublebass and Percussions

Festival Bridges

Sunday, April 26th 2020 – Konzerhaus (Berio-Saal), Wien (Austria)

First appearance on the Viennese stage for the Ensemble ! And not least : at the legendary Wiener Konzerthaus. Here, Linea will give a program fully focused on Austrian composers : after Björn Wilker’s explosive « Schlagen » for percussion solo piece, audiences will discover the finesse of Olga Neuwirth’s writing with « Spazio Elastico » before a big finale around Clemens Gadenstätter and his « Cris des lumières ». A program in relief !


Björn Wilker
Schlagen (2014)

Olga Neuwirth
Spazio elastico (2005) 15 min

Clemens Gadenstätter
Les Cris des lumières (E.P.O.S. II) (2014) 25 min


(In progress)
For cello, guitar, piano, trompet, trombone, percussions and solo percussion

Ososphere Festival

From May 07th to 17th 2020 – During “Cosmos District” , Strasbourg Cathedral (FR)

As part of the “Cosmos District” of the Ososphère, an artistic journey around the cosmos that will take over the city of Strasbourg from fixed works and live shows from May 7 to 17, 2020, the Linea ensemble will offer a concert evening / performance at Strasbourg Cathedral. An electronic night composed of contemporary music works incorporating electronic devices.


Signale Zur Invasion, for trombone and electronics

Nasenfluegentanz, for percussions and electronics

Raphaël CENDO
Décombres, for doublebass clarinet and electronics

Flautina, for flute

Raphaël CENDO
Foris, for cello and electronics


(In progress)

Cendo & Cie

Tuesday, July 20th – Darmstadt Ferienkursen, Darmstadt (Ge)

Saturday, August 29th – Abbaye de Royaumont (FR)


Zeynep Toraman
« …a gilding process that echoes back to ancient times » (2019) 10 min – German Premiere
For clarinet, accordion, bassoon

Feliz Macahis
New work for ensemble (2020) 10 min
Order from Fondation Royaumont*** – German Premiere
Violin, cello, piano, flute, clarinet, bassoon

Du Yun
Fallen warriors (2011) 14 min – German Premiere
For ensemble and laptop

Vitalija Glovackyte
New work – World Premiere

Raphaël Cendo
New work – World Premiere
For electric guitar + Orgue à bouche (Sheng), Fender Rhodes, Theorbe, Guitare électrique solo, harpe, cymbalum, accordéon, double bass flute


(in progress)

Direction masterclass

Wednesday, August 26th 2020 – Abbaye de Royaumont (FR)

Educational project “Fenêtre sur cour(s)”

During the year, short concerts are programmed at the abbey of Royaumont to make you discover the work in progress of artists in residence. The opportunity to discover or (re) discover the major work of Pierre Boulez Dérive 2.


Pierre Boulez
Dérive 2, 1988-2006, 45′
For english horn, clarinet, bassoon, horn, marimba, vibraphone, harp, piano, violin, viola, cello


(In progress)

SEASON 19/20