Ensemble Linea's 18/19 Season

Traiettorie Festival

Tuesday, September 18th at 8:00 pm – Parma (IT)

Invited for the first time at the Traiettorie Festival in Parma, the Linea Ensemble proposes a musical program around notable pieces of French composers. Nature will connect all the programm’s pieces, with Debussy’s work, poet of modernity whose avant-garde work still influences the French musical composition.

It is also in arrangements of Jerome Combier that we’ll have the opportunity to hear La Fille aux cheveux de lin and Des pas sur la neige, pieces from Debussy’s Premiere Preludes. Estran, poussière grise sans nuage, evokes “a renewed time, a winter expanse” and resonates with Debussy’s landscapes. In Sérieux gravats – Nara II(2010) and Fiocchi di silenzio, it’s a nature stamped with poetry, which still accompanies the listener in these two pieces from Aurélien Dumont. This walk allows audience to listen to Indeed from Pascal Dusapin’s solo trombone but also three of Frédéric Durieux’s Études en Alternance,Partir, lively, stealthy and mischievous movement, Bercer, sad lullaby and Filer, 3rd from the Études en Alternanceinitially written in 2014 and fully performed for the first time at the Traiettorie Festival.


Aurélien DumontSérieux gravats – Nara II
(For flute, clarinet, trombone, alto, piano and percussions)

Aurélien DumontFiocchi di silenzio
(pour flute, clarinet, alto and cello)

Frédéric DurieuxÉtude en Alternance n°1 – partirÉtude en Alternance n°2 – Bercer(in memoriam Gérard Grisey), Étude en Alternance n°3 – filer First full representation
(for flute, clarinet, violin, viola, cello and piano)

Jérôme Combier, Estran, poussière grise sans nuage
(for flute, clarinet, violin, viola, cello and piano)

Claude Debussy/Jérôme CombierLa Fille aux cheveux de lin, Des pas sur la neige, Préludes (Premier Livre)
Arrangement from Jérôme Combier
(For flute, clarinet, violin, alto, cello)

Pascal DusapinIndeed
(for solo trombone)


Jean-Philippe Würtz Conducting
Keiko Murakami Flute
Léa Castello Clarinet
Thierry Spiesser Trombone
Mélaine Gaudin Percussions
Reto Staub Piano
Jacobo Hernandez Violin
Laurent Camatte Viola
Johannes Burghoff Cello

Singing Garden

Tuesday, September 25th – Musica Festival – Strasbourg (FR)

Thursday, September 27th – Opéra National du Rhin – Strasbourg (FR)

For this multi-faceted evening conceived by the Opéra national du Rhin, in partnership with Musica Festival and the Ososphère Festival, the director Philippe Arlaud brings together many artists based in Alsace: the soloists of the Opera Studio, the Ballet and the Choirs of the Opéra National du Rhin, the Ensemble Linea, all under the direction of Claire Levacher. Until the climax (a surprise concocted by young choreographers), music and dance cross over the pieces, world premiere for the work by Francisco Alvarado, winner of the Composition Academy, commissioned by Musica, and french premiere for Singing Gardenby Toshio Hosokawa and Rhondda Rips It Up! by Elena Langer.


Francisco Alvarado, Corps et ombre ensemble s’engloutissent – World Premiere
(For solo double bass, clarinet, accordion, percussions, piano, violin, viola, cello)

Unsuk Chin, Akrostichon-Wortspiel
(For flute, clarinet, oboe, mandolin, harp, piano, percussion, solo soprano, violin, viola et doublebass)

Toshio Hosokawa, Singing Garden – French Premiere
(For flute, oboe, harp, piano, violin, cello)

Elena Langer Rhondda Rips It Up! – French Premiere
(For clarinet, trompet, trombone, tuba, accordion, piano, percussion, violin, cello, doublebass)


Claire Levacher Direction
Florentin Ginot solo doublebass
Coline Charnier Flute, Adam Starkie Clarinet, Heidi Caillet Oboe, Julien Würtz Trompet, Raphaël Gagu Trombone, Thibaud Fortin Tuba, Victor Hocquet Percussions, Ieva Dudaite, Piano, Marco Fusi Violin, Elodie Gaudet Viola, Elsa Dorbath Cello, Sven Kestel Doublebass, Geneviève Letang Harp, Flavien Soyer mandolin, Marie-Andrée Joerger Accordion.

Venice Biennale

Wednesday, October 3rd – Venice (IT) – 08:00 pm

The Linea Ensemble presents a varied programm of European music and composers who have been or are currently professors in the most important American universities: Brian Ferneyhough, Philippe Manoury, Georg Friedrich Haas, Tristan Murail, and Chaya Czernowin.

The texture of Ferneyhough’s Liber Scintillarum for six instruments begins with the highest density before gradually ebbing away to become punctuated with silences and shadows of figures, while in B-Partita (in memoriam Pierre Boulez) for solo violin and ensemble by Manoury, derived from Partita 2, the commentaries and counterpoints of the ensemble fit neatly into the interstices of the original score for violin and electronics.

The associations with minimal music are a key reference for Anachronism by Haas, but in the sense that in old newspapers photographs are essentially a rough grid of individual dots. In Le lac by Murail, the music looks to nature as a model for the play between what remains and what changes, the movements and the mood swings and the logic of the unexpected, whereas in Lovesong by Czernowin it follows the gestures of imaginary hands that touch the instruments in an attempt to reflect the strange energy and the flow of the moment when one falls in love.


Chaya Czernowin, Lovesong
(For flute, oboe, clarinet, percussions, piano, violin, viola, cello)

Brian Ferneyhough, Liber Scintillarum
(For flute, oboe, clarinet, piano, violin, viola, cello)

Philippe Manoury B-Partita – Italian Premiere
(For solo violin, flute, oboe, clarinet, horn, trompet, percussions, violin, viola, cello, doublebass)

Tristan Murail, Le lac
(For flutes, oboe, clarinet, bass clarinet, horn, trompet, trombone, percussions, piano, harp, violin, viola, cello, doublebass)

Georg Friedrich, Haas Anachronism
( For oboe, clarinet, bassoon, horn, piano, violin, doublebass)


Jean-Philippe Wurtz Direction
Hae Sun Kang Solo Violin
Keiko Murakami Flute, Déborah Broggia Flute,Heidi Caillet Oboe, Antoine Pecqueur Bassoon, Andrea Nagy Clarinet, Adam Starkie Clarinet, Deepa Goonetilleke Horn, Thierry Spiesser Trombone, Stephen Altoft Trompet, Victor Hocquet Percussions, Marin Lambert Percussions, Geneviève Letang Harp, Reto Staub Piano,Marco Fusi Violin, Winnie Huang Violin, Johannes Burghoff Cello, Elsa Dorbath Cello, Laurent Camatte Alto, Sven Kestel Doublebass

The use of sounds, between tradition and modernity

Sunday, October 28th – Le Cercle – Orbey (FR)

The association of the harp and the oboe is rare because only few works have been written for this duet. This program proposes to highlight this association of rich sounds. The pieces exalt all the possibilities of those two instruments. They are driven by the same goal: the exploration of sound across ages and countries. Composers have always researched sound. Traveling through centuries, going from Renaissance to contemporary’s works, the duo transcends several generations of composers. It also ignores borders: the chosen composers are either German or French, and some of them have worked together or influenced each other. Accessible to all audiences, this program invites you to travel and discover sounds from here and elsewhere.


Heinz Holliger, Mobile
Marin Marais, Les Folies d’Espagne
Yoshihisa Taïra, Sublimation
Gilles Farnaby, Fayne would I weed
William Byrd, Pavane et Gaillarde
Yssang Yun, Rufe


Geneviève Letang Harp
Heidi Braesch-Caillet Oboe

La Mer

Sunday, November the 10th – Tongyeong (KOR)

After some notable passages in South Korea, the Linea Ensemble moves for the first time to Isang Yun’s hometown of Tongyeong. Like Naples, it enjoys a beautiful reputation thanks to its sea with an intense blue. The four world premiere that the Ensemble will propose in this program will therefore be totally dedicated to the sea, as Debussy did before. In order to create in a common direction, the four Korean composers composed in direct connection with the painting below. To these four world creations will be added a re-creation of Maël Bailly, as well as a major piece from Claude Debussy’s repertoire.


Gyu-Bong YIMeditation – World Premiere
(For violin, clarinet and piano)

Seil OH – The Blue Sea  – World Premiere
(For violin and clarinet)

Jihoon IM – Hommage for the Blue Sea – World Premiere
(Solo Clarinet)

Bum Ki KIMThe wave of Tongyeong – World Premiere
(For violin and piano)

Maël BAILLYOr Not Prepared – Korean Premiere

Claude DEBUSSY – Rhapsodie
(For clarinet and piano)


Adam Starkie Clarinet
Winnie Huang Violin
Lise Baudouin Piano

Contemporary mythologies

Sunday, Novembre 25th – Villa Fleck – Ingersheim (FR)

Between peoples and cultures, between ages and beliefs, between flutes and percussions, the Linea Ensemble proposes a journey to connect contemporary pieces with yesterday’s mythologies.
The thread that links the different great periods of music evolution as we know it today results from solid thousand years old foundations. Through this program, the two musicians question contemporary aesthetics through past cultures and offering bridges between epochs.


Mark EngebrestonWhac-a-mole
Toru TakemitsuTowards the sea
André JolivetPipeaubec
David BirdLend/lease
W. Henze5 Scenes from the Snow Country
Stefano ScodanibbioRitorno a Cartagena


Keiko Murakami Flute
Victor Hocquet Percussions


The Ensemble Linea in Bogota

Sunday, March 17th 2019 – Biblioteca Luis Angel Arango – Bogota, Colombia

Invited for the first time in Colombia by the Luis Angel Arango Library, the Linea Ensemble will perform major works by contemporary European composers such as Raphael Cendo’s Rokh 1 or Pierre Boulez’s Dérive 1, Philippe Hurel’s À Mesureand Grisey’s Talea. The ensemble will be honored to perform in this program Tactil, for flute, piano and violin of the young Colombian composer Violeta Cruz.


Philippe Hurel, À Mesure
Pierre Boulez, Dérive 1
Raphaël Cendo, Rokh 1
Georges Grisey, Talea
Violeta Cruz, Tactil


Jean-Philippe Würtz, Conducting
Keiko Murakami, Flute
Reto Staub, Piano
Victor Hocquet, Percussions
Adam Starkie, Clarinet
Aurélien Ferrette, Cello

Mathieu Amalric reads Julio Cortázar

Sunday, March 31st 2019 – Opéra National du Rhin – Strasbourg (FR)

Besides his novel “Hopscotch” (Rayuela), writer Julio Cortázar’s (1914-1984) fiction oeuvre consists mostly of novellas alternating between dream and reality, humor and fantasy. Actor and filmmaker Mathieu Amalric invites you to explore some of these works. Compositions by Alberto Ginastera, Misael Gauchat and Alex Nante, performed by soloists of the Ensemble Linea: Mélaine Gaudin and Marin Lambert (percussion), Adam Starkie (clarinet), Marie-Andrée Joerger (accordion).


Alex Nante, Der gelbe Klang
Misael Gauchat, Opsis
Daniel D’Adamo, Furia Porteña


Mathieu Amalric, Reading
Adam Starkie, clarinet
Helena Sousa Estévez, accordion
Mélaine Gaudin, percussions
Marin Lambert, percussions


Connection between musics of Western Europe and Russia

Friday, May 31st 2019 – Les Jardins de la Ferme Bleue – Uttenhoffen – France

Between Western Europe and Russia, political relations are rarely good. But music knows how cross borders! In this duet program, musicians bring together composers from the East and the West, from the Baroque era to the present day. A journey with the sound of the bassoon, this little-known instrument and yet one of the most beautiful in the world!
During this concert, the musicians will play on two types of instruments: copies of baroque instruments from the early eighteenth century and modern instruments. The opportunity to compare the sounds!


Jean-Daniel Braun, Sonate n°6 en ré majeur
Igor Stravinsky, Lied ohne Name
Michel Corrette, Les délices de la solitude
Sofia Goubaïdulina, Duo Sonata
Jean-Daniel Braun, Sonate n°1 en fa majeur
Louis Andriessen, Lacrimosa
Jean-Daniel Braun, Chaconne en ré majeur


Antoine Pecqueur, Bassoon
Thomas Quinquenel,

Etchings Festival 2019

June 24th – July 01st 2019 – Auvillar – France

Etchings is a composition academy organized in Auvillar each year by the Ecce ensemble. During 8 days, twenty young composers practice and perfect themselves with Kaija Saariaho, Francisco Filidei, John Aylward, Martin Brody and musicians from the Linea ensemble. More info on: https://www.eccearts.com/etchings


Jean-Philippe Würtz, Conducting
Keiko Murakami, Flute
Adam Starkie, Clarinet
Ieva Dudaite, Piano
Elodie Gaudet, Viola
Winnie Huang, Violin
Johannes Bughoff, Cello

SEASON 18/19