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25 avril 2015, 15h

Strasbourg - Médiathèque Olympe de Gouges

"Tour de flûte"



13 mai 2015, 20h

Strasbourg - Institut Culturel Italien

Oeuvres de Scelsi, Fedele, Gardella, Francesconi



18 et 19 mai 2015, 20h

Paris - Opéra Comique 

"Contes de la lune vague après la pluie», Opéra de Xavier Dayer - Première parisienne 



23 mai 2015, 20h

Strasbourg - Concert dans le cadre du Millénaire de la Cathédrale

Cathédrale Notre Dame de Strasbourg 

Frédéric Durieux "Verticales rouges", Olivier Messiaen, oeuvres d'étudiants en composition du CRR de Strasbourg et du CNSM de Paris



25th may 2015

Saint Petersburg (RUS) - reMusik Festival (TBC)

Boulez, Grisey, Murail, Radvilovich, Bedrossian, Cendo


The academy brochures are ready !

lundi, 13 avril 2015












Brochures of Linea's summer academy have been printed last week. They are currently travelling to conservatoires, concert venues, music high schools of numerous countries. In the meantime you can download the brochure directly by clicking on the photo beside.




New opera with Ensemble Linea in Geneva

mardi, 24 mars 2015












After the highly acclaimed World Premiere at the Opera de Rouen (France), last weekend, the new opera "Les Contes de la lune vague après la pluie" keeps on going its way. The Ensemble Linea takes over the continuation of this exciting project at the crossroads of different arts and cultures.

Before Paris and the Opera Comique on May 18th and 19th 2015, swiss premiere is in Geneva next Sunday, March 29th with a concert version of the opera, in frame of Archipel Festival , where Linea has already performed in 2008.

Concert will be recorded by swiss french-speaking broadcasting, for an upcoming retransmission on swiss cultural radio Espace 2.




Les contes de la lune vague après la pluie

lundi, 02 mars 2015











Creation of the opera “Les contes de la lune vague après la pluie” (litteraly : "Tales of the vague moon after the Rain") is one of the great events to come up in 2015-2016. Written by the Swiss composer Xavier Dayer, co-produced by the "Rouen Haute Normandie" Opera, the Royaumont Foundation and the Opera Comique in Paris, with the support of eminent partners (*), this new opera mobilizes two renowned orchestras: the one of the Rouen Haute-Normandie Opera, and Ensemble Linea.


Orchestra of the Rouen Haute-Normandie Opera has the honour to premiere the spectacle, in Rouen (France) on 20th and 21st March, under the conducting of Jean-Philippe Wurtz . Then will Ensemble Linea take over and perform the opera, first in a “concert version” at the Geneva Archipel Festival on March 29th , then in the “opera version” at the Opera Comique in Paris, on 18th and 19th may.


Performances are also on the way for the next season, as an intense promotion campaign is currently engaged in that purpose... By the way, we recommend all people from the industry who are interested to discover the project to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it right away.

Inspired by the film, know in the english speaking world as “Ugetsu ”, by the great Japanese director Kenji Mizoguchi, the opera is exploring human vanity in a tragic and moral fable, completed by touches of fantastique. The characters are victims of their own ambitions, cowardice and drives. By innovative elements in both musical and scenic process, composer Xavier Dayer, librettist Alain Perroux and director Vincent Huguet, are highlighting the personality of their characters, as well as the tragic weight of destiny, increased by greed and ambition. Even if taking place in a far japanese Middle Age, the “tale” has an universal meaning and works as a mirror of our contemporary world, an aspect of new music, that Ensemble Linea has always advocated.

(*) The opera was commissioned to Xavier Dayer with the support of Arthur Honegger Foundation, Fondation de France, and Pro Helvetia.

A booking support is provided by Arcadi Ile de France.



Paris, academy...Here are some of the events of the year

mercredi, 21 janvier 2015











New opera in Geneva and Paris


2015 marks a new step in the already rich carreer of Linea. The first months are giving the tone. Amongst the « not-to-miss » events to come up, we recommend you to book your agenda right away for « Les Contes de la lune Vague après la pluie », opera by the Swiss composer Xavier Dayer, that offers an exciting contemporary approach of the beautiful film by Kenji Mizoguchi , called in english under it original name « Ugetsu  ».

This co-production of the Opéra de Rouen Haute Normandie, Royaumont Foundation and the Opéra Comique in Paris, gives the opportunity to Linea to perform it at Archipel Festival in Geneva on March 29th (Swiss premiere), and after it in Paris at the Opéra Comique, may 15th and 16th , for the already highly expected Parisian premieres.

Cathedral Millenium and concerts in Russia


May will be lively for Linea. Almost right after the Opéra Comique, on may 23rd is Linea back in its hometown Strasbourg to celebrate the Millennium of the Cathedral, with, among other, the world premiere of « Verticales Rouges » by Frédéric Durieux. Then will the ensemble fly to St. Petersburg for three concerts , the first of its career, in Russia.




Linea's summer academy : applications are open !


One of the other top events of 2015 is Linea's Summer Academy , scheduled from August 28th to September 6th, 2015. After the success of the first edition in which 25 students from all over the world were training one week long with Linea, we are currently working on the last details of the next academy. New classes are open and we will focus on practice, by forming a real « academy ensemble », merging students and Linea's musicians. The public will not be forgotten, with open-doors master classes, meetings and concerts.

By the way, applications are already open and run until July 1st 2015. The academy site is still under construction, but you can already look at the conditions and discover which classes we propose you. Check it out!

In order not to overload this long post already, we will not talk further about the other events of this year. Some are already mentioned in the agenda , and there will be other opportunities to highlight them. See you soon !


All concerned

lundi, 12 janvier 2015











Like many people, Linea's both musicians and staff are shocked by the tragic events that have recently occured in our country. Our ensemble works regularly with artists from diverse countries and cultures. The passion of music makes us possible to dialogue and cooperate together. Linea is also committed in helping musical works to step across the borders, and we use to share our discoveries with audiences from diverse social backgrounds.

These few words are there just to express how this tragedy affects us, at the very heart of our activity as artists. As "education" is one of the words that several renowned analysts are now advocating as a response to this tragedy, we would like to remind, through our own experience and on the most humble way, that culture, arts, music, are tools that facilitate encounters, dialogues and understanding with the “other”.

Let's continue! Happy New Year to you all!



Last concert of the year at Strasbourg Museum of Modern Art

lundi, 01 décembre 2014










For its ultimate 2014 concert, Linea will perform at the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Strasbourg on 11th December 2014 . Program will merge kicking and “sonic” compositions by Raphael Cendo (photo beside), some odyssey in sound with Brian Ferneyhough, and an off-the-path escape to Korea with Eunhye Kim, whose work “La Beauté II” will be premiered in Europe...A kind of preview of new korean variations with Linea, in frame of the upcoming french-korean season, in which the ensemble will be involved.

Between adventurous music, sound complexity and multicultural detours, a beautiful snapshot of Linea's artistic identity, as well as a step to an exciting year 2015 for the Ensemble, full of concerts and events of large scale. Amongst others, save right now the dates of the second Summer Academy of Contemporary Music (From 28th august to 6th september 2015 in Strasbourg)! More news about it very soon...


Excerpts of the 9th december concert :

Raphaël Cendo - Rokh I, performed by Linea at June In Buffalo

Brian Ferneyhough - Mnémosyne, performed by Linea at June In Buffalo



"Tour de flûte" in Cernay

mardi, 07 octobre 2014






Keiko Murakami
Photo (c) Mathieu Sautel





In the frame of its policy of enlarging the audience of new music, Linea presents "Tour de flûte", a programme highlighting the multiple possibilities of the flute, and the approach of composers using it. With a supposedly common instrumùent, this is a way to introduce the audience to new music: concert is commented, and gives numerous explainations, making the originality of new music closer to people who are not specialised in it.

This takes place in the public Library of Cernay, near Mulhouse, in our home region Alsace, on tuesday 14th october 2014, 8 PM. Come to us if you are nearby, entrance is free. 

More details here (in french).




Linea's new season starts at Musica

jeudi, 25 septembre 2014










Korean composer Unsuk Chin
Photo (c) Weon Kim

Reinforced by the success of its first new music academy, Linea opens its new concert season at Musica Festival saturday, October 4th 2014 . A “not-to-miss” concert, displaying a rich instrumentarium on the stage, to deliver an intense sound material. The program offers a concentrate of Linea's artistic identity, confronting two universes the ensemble is keen on investigating: concert features on one side a music made of noises and saturation, that some even compare to "punk", by Raphael Cendo , the most Berliner of the young french composers. On the other side, Linea presents compositions of the Korean Unsuk Chin , merging the rich musical heritage of his country and the most contemporary writings.

This concert is a preview of upcoming projects, both with Cendo, faithful accomplice of Linea, whose other works will be performed or created in the next three years, and with Korea: promoting korean music in France since its early beginning, Linea will logically take part to both cultural seasons between France and Korea, that will take place in 2015-2016 in both countries. We'll give more details soon...

Meanwhile, the concert at Musica inaugurates a rich season for Linea, involved in many projects of large scale, including the new opera by Xavier Dayer, "Contes de la lune vague après la pluie", based on the eponymous film by Mizoguchi, to be performed in Paris and Geneva, a concert for the Millennium of Strasbourg Cathedral, with several world premieres, including "Verticales rouges» by Frédéric Durieux, the World Saxophone Days, a second academy of contemporary music next summer...And many other things to discover in the agenda .




Bienvenue à nos étudiants !

lundi, 25 août 2014











Ca y est ! La première académie d'été de l'Ensemble Linea est officiellement ouverte. Si le beau temps n'est hélas pas au rendez-vous, la bonne humeur égale la motivation chez nos 24 étudiants, qui sont, à l'heure où nous publions, déjà au travail. Voici la "photo de classe" ; - ), prise sur le parvis de la Cité de la Musique et de la Danse aujourd'hui à 15h. Pas de soleil mais des sourires radieux. Bienvenue à nos étudiants !




Public events at Linea's academy

lundi, 18 août 2014











Back from the traditional summer break, Linea's team is checking the last details regarding our first academy that starts 7 days.

A special effort is given to publicity, as several events will be open to the public during the academy: besides the two final concerts on August 30th and 31st, people may attend to masterclasses of flute (27th), singing (28th), conducting (29th), and on saturday 30th from 3 PM, all classes and rehearsals will be open.

A new page on these public events is online here (in french).

We are looking forward to welcome our students next monday, and the audience during the academy week.




See you in one month at the academy !

mardi, 22 juillet 2014







  Photo (c) Mathieu Sautel





Here we are! Applications for Linea's Summer Academy are closed. One one month, from August 25th to 31st 2014, we will have the pleasure to welcome 25 students from all over the world (France, Japan, Taiwan, United States, Russia, etc ...). A very good turnout for the Linea's first academy, launched early 2014. Sure we will continue in 2015. For people living in Alsace, note the two concerts on august 30th and 31st , combining Linea's musicians Linea and those already introduced as the "Academy Ensemble” (=the students), an exciting opportunity to discover the new talents in the performance of new music.

Before we take a short break until August 18th and befor we wish you all a nice summer, we are very happy to introduce our students to you :

Class of flute with Mario Caroli
Azzara Elisa (Italy), Sara Baldini (Italy), Shao-Wei Chou (Taiwan), Laura Faoro (Italy), Anaïs Guimard (France), Ilze Ikse (Latvia), Miyuki Okumura (Japan)

Class of conducting with Jean-Philippe Wurtz
Sergi Gili (Spain), Haan Etienne (France), Daphne Hejebri (France), Yérri-Gaspar Hummel (France), Ayaka Kodama (Japan), Hans Mathias Kretz (Germany), Kelly Lovelady (Australia), Armando Merino (Spain) Jack Sheen (United Kingdom), Amir Shpilman (Israel), Verdet Quentin (France)

Class of singing with Donatienne Michael Dansac
Sarah Brabo-Durant (France), Kanae Mizobuchi (Japan), Olga Vlasova (Russia)

Class of clarinet with Ayumi Mori
Keisuke Shibuya (Japan)

Class of viola /violin with Marco Fusi
Ondine Simon (France)

Class of piano with Reto Staub
Wei-Chieh Lin (Taiwan)

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