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28th august > 6 september 2015

2e Académie d'été de musique contemporaine avec l'Ensemble Linea

Second Summer Academy of New Music with the Ensemble Linea

Strasbourg - Cité de la Musique et de la Danse



3 septembre 2015, 20h

Académie d'été de l'Ensemble Linea - Concert des étudiants I

Cité de la Musique et de la Danse - Strasbourg

Pièces de Philip Glass, Pierre Boulez, Jörg Widmann, Olivier Messiaen, etc.



5 septembre 2015, 20h

Académie d'été de l'Ensemble Linea - Concert des étudiants II

Boulez, Jarrell, Berio, Durieux, etc... 


6 septembre 2015, 11h

Académie d'été de l'Ensemble Linea - Concert des étudiants III / Concert de clôture

Cité de la Musique et de la Danse - Strasbourg



19 septembre au 3 octobre 2015

Festival Musica - Académie de composition Philippe Manoury

Cité de la Musique et de la Danse - Strasbourg



Public events during the academy : one concert added!

mardi, 01 septembre 2015
























 Linea's academy is open to the city with several public events, including public masterclasses, in purpose to open up a window on new music and its teaching methods, a important concern that Linea advocates for long already.

Alongside masterclasses and the two concluding concerts, a new one has just been added today, scheduled for september 3rd, and featuring soloist and duet pieces. A nice preview to the concerts of saturday and sunday.

Entrance free. 


All details (programme), by clicking below :

Thursday september 3rd : Concert I (additionnal concert)

Saturday september 5th : Concert II

Sunday september 6th : Concert III




The Academy 2015 has started

vendredi, 28 août 2015


Welcome to our students and teachers to the second Linea's summer academy. Here we go for ten days of intensive workin a both multicultural and friendly atmosphere !



















8 days left until we launch our second academy

jeudi, 20 août 2015



Students and teachers of the academy 2014, standing in front of the Cité de la Musique et de la Danse  










Exactly 8 days left before we open the doors of the second summer academy. We are currently checking the last details. By now, we suggest you to give a look on the academy website at the programme of the both concerts that conclude the academy (click on the "Académie 2015: concerts et manifestations publiques" button). We'll be back early next week for more details. Stay nearby !


See you on August 28th at Linea's academy!

jeudi, 16 juillet 2015

















Applications for the academy are now over and we are very pleased to welcome from August 28th to September 6th, 2015:

- In the class of flute (Mario Caroli and Keiko Murakami)
Sara Baldini (Italy), Christopher Robin Schelb (USA), Miyuki Okumura (Japan)

- In the class of conducting (Jean-Philippe Wurtz)
Esteban Pagella (Italy / Argentina), Leonardo Ferreira Silva (Brazil), Andreas Beraldo (Italy), Antoine Daurat (France), Marie Jacquot (France), Jonathan Heargreaves (UK), Miguel Perez Inesta (Spain), Rémi Durupt ( France)

- In the class of singing (Nicholas Isherwood)
Kanae Mizobuchi (Japan), Anna Piroli (Italy), Mayako Ito (Japan), Chun Lin Chien (Taiwan), Victor Andrini (Italy)

- In the class of violin (Marco Fusi)
Athena Tadd Corcoran (Ireland / USA), Jeanne Lefevre (France), Clara Lévy (France)

- In the class of harp (Geneviève Letang)
Clara Krüger (France / Germany), Emma Prieur-Blanc (France), Mathilde Armengaud (France), Zachary Hatcher (USA)

- In the class of piano (Reto Staub)
Francisco Marti (Spain), Firmina Adorno (Italy)

- In the class of clarinet (Jean-Marc Foltz)
Thomas Griessmann (France), Yuka Togashi (Japan), Daisy Dugardin (France)

- In the class of percussions (Olivier Maurel)
Victor Hocquet (France), Elise Rouchouse (France), Antoine Josselin (France)



Let's remind that the Academy will be partly open to the public with open master classes and rehearsals and two final concerts. More information about this in the second half of August.

Have a nice summer !




Hot summer in Alsace with the Ensemble Linea

mercredi, 01 juillet 2015










Concert in La Ferme Bleue

in Uttenhoffen (northern Alsace), in 2004.








The Ensemble Linea remains present and active during the summer with some highlights to note in your agenda, if you stay in Alsace or if your route takes you there.

We are happy to join on stage our colleagues from Bordeaux Proxima Centauri on July 11th in Strasbourg at Saxopen , international saxophone festival for two concerts, at 1:30 PM and 4 PM, offering eight world premieres for saxophonist soloist and ensemble. We will premiere works by composers from all over the world (including our New York friend Alex Mincek). Don't miss this high-quality programme, performed by two french ensembles deeply committed in aesthetic dialogue and promoting young composers.

Stepping across the Strasbourg boundaries, we invite on July 16 th to an escape in the beautiful Alsatian countryside, by appointing people to a musical dinner at the “Jardins de la Ferme Bleue ” (“Gardens of the blue farm”), a charming and beautiful renovated old farm in one of those typical villages Alsace can be proud of. Stockhausen and “nouvelle cuisine” are at the menu. It is worth to book your table if you are nearby.

After a break for Linea's office (closing from July 18th to august 10th), we will conclude this summer on august 28th with our academy in Strasbourg. By the way, let's remind that applications are still open, until july 15th. There are still places in all classes. We are starting to conceive the programme of the orchestra workshops. We'll give more news here and there regarding the latters after the application deadline.

We hope to meet the most you during in the forthcoming weeks. Wherever your roads lead you, we wish to all of you, dear Linea's followers, a pleasant summer.





Académie : le teaser de l'académie est en ligne

lundi, 15 juin 2015















Un aperçu de ce qui attend les heureux étudiants de l'académie d'été à venir avec Linea, dans ce petit film réalisé par Product'Arts avec des images de la première académie et du récent concert à la Cathédrale de Strasbourg (Cliquez sur l'image).




Academy: applications open until july 15th

mercredi, 10 juin 2015

















Good news for all people interested to take part to the academy, application deadline is postponed to july 15th, 2015. Check the academy website for all details about classes, teachers and how to apply:



Linea's pedagogy

mardi, 02 juin 2015



 Répétition avec les étudiants du CRR et de la HEAR.














As many already know, all performances we had in may have been successful. Amongst others, the concert given in frame of the millenium of Strasbourg cathedral was definitely one of the highlights of spring, with a programme of high-level, performed by both Linea and students of the local music high schools. The latters, very committed in the project, have fully seized the opportunity of working with professional musicians who know to deal with contemporary music. Let's congratulate them here for their commitment and enthusiasm, which have greatly contributed to the success of this beautiful concert!

A new opportunity of benefiting from “Linea's pedagogy” is on the way for soon, with our second summer academy, held in Strasbourg from august 28th to September 6th . Open to all musicians wishing to discover new music or to improve their skills in performing it, Linea's academy offers them the possibility to progress by working in the real conditions of rehearsals and concerts, in frame of daily chamber music workshops. Teachers are members of Linea, alongside with two renowned guests (Nicholas Isherwood for the class of singing, and Jean-Marc Foltz for clarinet) and we cover a wide range of disciplines still have one month left to apply. Spread the word!


Check the our academy website :


Walking on the (blur) moon

vendredi, 15 mai 2015

















It might sounds funny to quote Police's famous hit, but it proves, if necessary, that pop-culture and new music can go together.


Starting today, in situ, the rehearsals of “Les Contes de la Lune Vague Après la Pluie” (“Tales of the blur moon after the rain”) at the Opera Comique in Paris, we feel the same enthusiasm as the one that felt the pioneers of the conquest of space, moved by a mix of childish excitement and scientific mind.


This new opera was a long term and large scale project, born while Linea was still in residence at the Royaumont Abbey, near Paris. Thanks to numerous efforts and means, brought by different partners, the dream to create a new opera has come true.


For Linea and for the spectacle itself, this premiere in Paris is both an end and a new departure, marking the recognition the Strasbourg based ensemble has reached. As a strange sign, our first concert, somewhere in the mid 90's, was the performance of Pierrot Lunaire; back to the moon, after long and patient little steps, we feel now ready for the giant leap. Thanks a lot to all people who made this possible.

After monday, we'll keep on walking on the moon together !


Our highlights for may

mercredi, 06 mai 2015

















Poster of the concert at Strasbourg Cathedral

(c) Deep Design


From Strasbourg to Saint Petersburg via Paris, Linea is on the way for numerous concerts in may. Undoubtedly, the parisian premiere of “Les contes de la lune vague après la pluie” at the Opéra Comique , on may 18th and 19th, is one of the events of the month, eagerly awaited, and preceded by excellent feedbacks after both world and swiss premiere of the opera in march.

The other highlight of the month is the concert given by the Ensemble Linea in Strasbourg Cathedral, on may 23rd, as part of the celebrations for the Millennium of the church (programme here , in french). For the occasion, a new work by Frédéric Durieux has been composed, addressing the complex History of Strasbourg, city at the very crossroads of cultures and languages.
Messiaen and works of young composers are also programmed. A unique concert in an emblematic place of Linea’s hometown.  By the way, admission is free !

These two great highlights will be preceded, on may 13th at the Italian Cultural Institute of Strasbourg , by a panorama of Italian contemporary music in its very diversity, from Fedele to Gardella, alongside with Scelsi and Francesconi. Free admission aswell.

Last but not least, it is with both enthusiasm and curiosity for geographical and cultural “terra incognitas” that drives us since our debuts, that we will land in St. Petersburg, mythical cultural capital of Russia, for a concert and workshops, in frame of ReMusik Festival, on may 25th and 26th.


All this sounds like a concentrate of Linea’s artistic identity, doesn’t it...? Looking forward to seeing you at those events, dear followers !




Teaser of the "Contes de la lune vague..." is online

jeudi, 23 avril 2015













For our followers who does understand french, please check the teaser of "Les contes de la lune vague après la pluie", the new chamber opera by Xavier Dayer, that Linea will premiere in Paris, on may 18th and 19th, at the renowned Opéra Comique. 
Teaser includes excerpts of the spectacle and interviews of stage director Vincent Huguet, and Linea's conductor Jean-Philippe Wurtz. 


For non-french speaking friends, all details in english are available on the Opera Comique website . See you in Paris !





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