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28 août 2014 , 20h

Uttenhoffen (Bas-Rhin) - Jardins de la Ferme Bleue

Dîner concert

"De l'usage des timbres entre tradition et modernité"



30 août 2014 , 20h

Académie d'été - concert I : Linea / Academy Ensemble  

Strasbourg - Cité de la Musique et de la Danse

Grisey, Hurel, Mantovani 


31 août 2014 , 11h

Académie d'été - concert II : Linea / Academy Ensemble  

Strasbourg - Cité de la Musique et de la Danse

Grisey - Vortex Temporum


4 octobre 2014, 17h

Strasbourg - Festival Musica

Auditorium de France 3 Alsace

Unsuk Chin - Raphaël Cendo


14 octobre 2014, 20h

Cernay (Haut-Rhin)- Médiathèque

"Tour de flûte"



Bienvenue à nos étudiants !

lundi, 25 août 2014











Ca y est ! La première académie d'été de l'Ensemble Linea est officiellement ouverte. Si le beau temps n'est hélas pas au rendez-vous, la bonne humeur égale la motivation chez nos 24 étudiants, qui sont, à l'heure où nous publions, déjà au travail. Voici la "photo de classe" ; - ), prise sur le parvis de la Cité de la Musique et de la Danse aujourd'hui à 15h. Pas de soleil mais des sourires radieux. Bienvenue à nos étudiants !




Public events at Linea's academy

lundi, 18 août 2014











Back from the traditional summer break, Linea's team is checking the last details regarding our first academy that starts 7 days.

A special effort is given to publicity, as several events will be open to the public during the academy: besides the two final concerts on August 30th and 31st, people may attend to masterclasses of flute (27th), singing (28th), conducting (29th), and on saturday 30th from 3 PM, all classes and rehearsals will be open.

A new page on these public events is online here (in french).

We are looking forward to welcome our students next monday, and the audience during the academy week.




See you in one month at the academy !

mardi, 22 juillet 2014







  Photo (c) Mathieu Sautel





Here we are! Applications for Linea's Summer Academy are closed. One one month, from August 25th to 31st 2014, we will have the pleasure to welcome 25 students from all over the world (France, Japan, Taiwan, United States, Russia, etc ...). A very good turnout for the Linea's first academy, launched early 2014. Sure we will continue in 2015. For people living in Alsace, note the two concerts on august 30th and 31st , combining Linea's musicians Linea and those already introduced as the "Academy Ensemble” (=the students), an exciting opportunity to discover the new talents in the performance of new music.

Before we take a short break until August 18th and befor we wish you all a nice summer, we are very happy to introduce our students to you :

Class of flute with Mario Caroli
Azzara Elisa (Italy), Sara Baldini (Italy), Shao-Wei Chou (Taiwan), Laura Faoro (Italy), Anaïs Guimard (France), Ilze Ikse (Latvia), Miyuki Okumura (Japan)

Class of conducting with Jean-Philippe Wurtz
Sergi Gili (Spain), Haan Etienne (France), Daphne Hejebri (France), Yérri-Gaspar Hummel (France), Ayaka Kodama (Japan), Hans Mathias Kretz (Germany), Kelly Lovelady (Australia), Armando Merino (Spain) Jack Sheen (United Kingdom), Amir Shpilman (Israel), Verdet Quentin (France)

Class of singing with Donatienne Michael Dansac
Sarah Brabo-Durant (France), Kanae Mizobuchi (Japan), Olga Vlasova (Russia)

Class of clarinet with Ayumi Mori
Keisuke Shibuya (Japan)

Class of viola /violin with Marco Fusi
Ondine Simon (France)

Class of piano with Reto Staub
Wei-Chieh Lin (Taiwan)


Summer academy with Linea: deadlines for application soon !

lundi, 30 juin 2014







  Photo: view of the academy brochure

(c) Linea





We are getting more and more applications for our Summer Academy : this makes us optimistic for the first academy we are organizing.
ood news for people interested by the class of singing, applications (that should have been closed tonight) are extended until 9 July. Mind the specific requirements of this class, led by Michel Donatienne Dansac.

For the other classes , you can apply until July 15, but don't wait too much to do it, classes are filling up!

Reminder: to know everything about the Academy, please visit


Linea's Academy : the site is online !

jeudi, 24 avril 2014







  Photo (c) Ville de Strasbourg





We were talking about it here last week : Linea organizes its first summer academy , from august 25th to 31st at the "Cité de la Musique et de la Danse" in Strasbourg (photo beside), open to musicians and young conductors interested to develope their skills in new music performance and conducting (a conducting masterclass will be led by our conductor Jean-Philippe Wurtz).

The website of the academy is finally ONLINE ! 

Get to  to know everything about this exciting project !


An academy of contemporary music this summer with Linea

jeudi, 17 avril 2014








  Photo (c) Mathieu Sautel





It's official, next summer, the Ensemble Linea will organize its first Academy of contemporary music in Strasbourg, from 25th to 31st August 2014. Owing to the fact that academies are rare, and even more regarding contemporary music, this is an exceptional opportunity for young musicians (still students or at the start of their career), wishing to learn or improve their skills in the field of contemporary repertoire.

Masterclasses will be led by the musicians of the Ensemble Linea and the academy will conclude with a concert by the ensemble and a concert by the trainees. The academy will be held in the Strasbourg based Cité de la Musique et de la Danse (Music conservatory).

We are currently finishing the website which will give you all the details on the content and how to participate to the academy. All details within the next week, after the traditional Easter break, as we will launch the website.

Book the dates right now, and stay close !


Crossing over the flute

lundi, 17 février 2014







  Keiko Murakami 

  Photo (c) Mathieu Sautel





Flute is often considered as a "classic", or "basic" instruments, an image which does not fit with reality, as flute offers in fact numerous possibilities in the way of performing, and requires a high level of practice to reach its multiple dimensions.

"Rediscovering the flute" is the motto of this programme conceived by Linea in Fall 2013 with its flutist Keiko Murakami. From Debussy's pionneering ideas to more recent works, from Europe to Japan, from bass flute to flute used as a percussion, this programme invites to reconsider the common acceptance of this very ancient instrument, which continues to inspire numerous composers and musicians.

After Ingersheim in october 2013, second opportunity to hear this concert is to come to Vendenheim, northern suburb of Strasbourg, tomorrow. All details are in the agenda


The concert belongs to our regional concert series devoted to enlarge the audience of new music. We thank the Espace Culturel de Vendenheim for its trust and interest in our work, and website Szenik for its regular coverage of our activity.


Introduction to another America

lundi, 10 février 2014







  End of the "american concert" at Musica Festival in Strasbourg, with american composer Anthony Cheung, 27th september 2012.





Our 2014 concert series kick off in Metz , the capital of Lorraine (eastern France), next Saturday, 15th February 2014 . The local venue “L'Arsenal” has conceived a complete season focusing on the United States. With two tours in the USA , and a third already underway , Linea has emerged as one of the leading French ensembles in the field of transatlantic musical exchanges. This is actually the view of many of our interlocutors and American partners, including the FACE which has financially supported the first two rounds, and that we once again thank here for making all of this possible.

The concert in Metz , like the concert at Musica Festival in 2012 , is a sort of return journey of our two American tours : who said "exchange" means by definition that this exchange works in both directions . Linea has always attached great importance that its international work can have resonances in France : the invitation of the ensemble TIMF from Korea in 2010 (after our concert in Seoul in 2009), and our public rehearsal of Péter Eötvös works which were then recorded in Budapest (2009) are some examples among others of this approach.

During its travels in the United States , Linea has encountered a young American scene particularly exciting : young composers of New York , Buffalo and elsewhere, are distinguished by an approach challenging aesthetic boundaries . Without denying the musical requirements or the questionings of their time , they reveal a refreshingly uninhibited spontaneity , in the image of a country that has seduced us with its openness, diversity and its voluntary nature .

Far from the clichés and prejudices , another America exists and deserves to be known : we will offer an overview this weekend in Metz. Come to give a look !


Happy new 2014 !

vendredi, 03 janvier 2014












Both team and musicians of the Ensemble Linea are wishing you a happy new year 2014.

All confirmed dates are in the agenda , but there is more to come !

We'll be back soon to give you all details. Thanks for your patience...


Online concerts !

mardi, 19 novembre 2013













As many already know (we got numerous congratulations and comments on facebook on Sunday morning already), our weekend in Prague and Huddersfield was a success from every point of view.


Our concert at famous Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival (HCMF), in particular, was loudly applauded and allowed us to take many professional contacts that will be fruitful for the future ...

Before a short break until February 15th , when our 2014 concert series will start in Metz (between our hometown Strasbourg and Paris), note that you can listen to our concerts in Prague and Huddersfield on the net :

The concert at Contempuls in Prague will be broadcasted next Sunday night , November 24, 2013 at 9:00 PM CET on the streaming concert page of the festival.

The contemporary music broadcast “Hear and Now" on the BBC Radio 3 was recorded live at the HCMF on november 16th. It is available as a podcast until Sunday, November 24, 2013 at 12:02 !


Presented by Sara Mohr-Pietsch, "Hear and Now" broadcasted live our concert in Huddersfield, and proposed interviews with Brian Ferneyhough and Jean-Philippe Wurtz . It also contains extracts from other concerts at Huddersfield ( BBC Singers and our accomplices Arditti Quartet) .

Get connected!


Czech-british weekend for the two last concerts of the year

mardi, 12 novembre 2013













  Prague: "la maison dansante "

  Source (c) Wikipédia


Before making a short winter break, Linea will conclude this exciting 2013 with a challenging czech-british weekend.


We just arrived in Prague, where this Friday, 15th November 2013, we are very happy to give our first concert in the Czech Republic. In this beautiful and fascinating city, the birthplace of writers, thinkers, artists and of course many musicians and composers, we will not seek the Mitteleuropa, this imaginary continent literature has explored. We will rather try to feel the magnetic breath of a city opened to new artistic adventures. The young and refreshing Contempuls festival, which welcomes us, embodies this trend. It is in this frame that Friday, we give "Vortex Temporum" by Gérard Grisey. A trip into spectral music that will perfectly resonate inside the walls of “La Fabrika” , a former factory converted into a place devoted to innovative cultures.

We will leave Prague by plane early on saturday 16th november, to reach Huddersfield and his famous "HCMF" for " Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival” . Powered by the city university, this festival is an institution in the world of contemporary music, as testifies the presence of many professionals from the whole Europe. This highlights the importance for Linea to come back in the West Yorkshire, after a first concert at HCMF in 2011, praised by BBC Radio 3 itself in the broadcast " Hear and Now ", where Sarah Mohr Pietsch said "Ferneyhough does demand extraordinary playing, and Ensemble Linea, they are really top performers"

This year's BBC Radio 3 offers the whole world the privilege to be able to listen to our live concert at HCMF. It will be broadcasted from 10:30 PM GMT (11:30 PM CET) .
An event not to be missed , with an exciting bill and a "dream team" of interpreters : two UK premieres - Ferneyhough and french Raphael Cendo - and a world premiere of James Clarke. For the latter our “top performers” will be joined by the great British violinist Irvine Arditti.

A good night out for sure !



All details on both concerts here and there

To listen to the BBC live streaming, go here .


Linea's concert in Prague will be retransmitted on Contempuls Festival streaming web page  on sunday 24th november 2013 at 9 PM CET.

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