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Le mardi 27 septembre à 20h30

Concert de l'Ensemble Linea dans le cadre du Festival MUSICA.

Ensemble Linea et étudiants de l'Académie supérieure de musique de Strasbourg / HEAR - DIrection : Jean-Philippe Wurtz

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Olivier Maurel



Grown up in a music lover family, Olivier Maurel used to listen many kind of music from his childhood. At 3 years old, he discovered his grandmother violin, and music became his main interest in life. A lot of encounters, a few diploms and studies at the music academy achieved making his passion becoming his profession.
His influences in music are various, going from ethno to pop, from contemporary to jazz. A blend of colors and flavours who led him into numerous musical projects.

Olivier Maurel started his musical schooling by studying violin at the Music Academy in Rennes. But his interest in percussions was stronger, and he obtained a degree in this instrument after following lessons of Olivier Fiard in Rennes et Bruno Lemaître in Saint-Malo. Moving to Strasbourg, he completed his studies at the regional music academy beside professors Sejourné, Fougeroux and Riedinger. He obtained a new degree in Strasbourg.
In the same time, he launched into different artistic projects, like the Hanatsu Collecvive in Rennes he founded and performed with.

Olivier Maurel plays as percussions in new music ensembles (Linéa, Duo Ayako Okubo/Olivier Maurel, Dreamattic), as well as in transversal art projects (with Zahra Poonawala, video, or Yon Coste, painting...). He is also involved in numerous jazz-rock, traditionnal or improvised music bands  (Christine Ott, Auditiv Connexion, Eteille XXX, C'est pas le pérou…).


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